David S Lane, Personal Web Site  
David Lane and Jennifer Jacobs welcome you!

Welcome. Our family has now grown to four, as Jacey has joined Samantha as the two little Lane girls. 2006 also marks our fourth year in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, Shailey, our dog passed away in late 2004 and is no longer with us.


Please check out our newest Interactive Family Album (no Java required this time). You can see all our latest photos going back three years plus journal entries from all four family members with updates on our lives.

There's also lots of video clips plus Jonathan Lane's special Growth Video showing a morphing animation of Samantha as she's grown month by month.

Lastly, feel free to look through David's business site, D. Lane Media. You can take a look at all the work David's been a part of over the past eleven years, take a historic tour of 2-Lane Media, the company he founded and ran for seven years, and play lots and lots of games!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our family.